Why have BUBS become so popular?

BUBS is a Swedish family-owned company, creating candy since the early 1990's. Renowned for their unique range of sweets including Vegan, we are pleased to be able to stock a wide range of their sweets.

The founders, Bernt, Ulrik, Birgitta and Stefan Lindström took the initials of their first names and created the name BUBS.

Sour Octopus, Jelly Peach Ghosts, Cool Cola Skulls, Banana & Caramel Foam, Egg Skulls, Raspberry & Blueberry Foam & Sour Tutti Frutti Foams. 

These are available in 100g, 250g bags, Traditional Candy Jars and our Create your own Pick and Mix range.

So far they have been a great success and we look forward to stocking more of their new ranges in the future. 

For now, check out our BUBS range at www.the-cand-king.com/collections/sweet-bags

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