As a sweet business that mainly focusses on Pick and Mix sweets and corporate gifts, we get asked a lot of questions about sweets and candy and where the word Candy comes from. The word ”candy” comes from the Arabic word “qandi”, and means ”made of sugar” and came to use in the 13th century.

The English word Sweets dates back to before the 12th century. The etymology of the word can be derived from Middle English swete, from Old English swEte; a kin to Old High German suozi sweet.

The first uses of the word sweet, were to fit the meaning of pleasing to the taste/retaining a portion of natural sugar.

You might not give much thought about it and where words originate from, but most of the language and vocabulary we use for sweets comes mostly from North and South America, ancient cultures in Asia and Africa. The Candy Kid - Pick and Mix sweets provide a huge range of sweets and candy for all occasions and use premium brands such as Haribo, Kingsway, BUBS, Barratt and Kinnerton all selected to fulfil the meaning of pleasing the taste.