Since launching BUBS Godis back in 2021 to our range of pick and mix sweets via our online store and TikTok shop, we have seen a huge increase in demand for these Swedish sweets. Starting with 4 varieties we now stock most of the UK available flavours. 

The year is 1992 and Somewhere in the area around Huskvarna, a family decides to mortgage their home to start making candy. The family is called Lindström. They have been owners of the company ever since and with their range being made available in the UK. Thankfully they did and we now have the pleasure of enjoying these sweets through online shops.  In Sweden BUBS are available in shops but in the UK it’s mainly through our online sweet business.
BUBS have really made an impression here due to their flavours, tastes and texture, all of which are a real winner in the BUBS range.

The Candy Kid trading name of will continue to increase our BUBS range as new and unique flavours become available. Sour Bubs and Foam are the main focus of the range all with mouth-watering flavours to match.

BUBS Flavours: (15 now stocked)

Banana & Caramel Foam, Tutti Frutti Foam Romb, Egg Skulls, Cool Cola Skulls, Peach Ghosts, Sour Octopus, Watermelon Ovals, Bubblegum Skulls, Passion Pineapple Skulls, Blueberry and Raspberry Skulls, Raspberry and Lemon Skulls, Strawberry and Pomegranate Foams, Lightning Bolts, Sour Skulls. 

BUBS are Suitable for Vegans

The Candy Kid is based in Huntingdonshire UK and ship throughout the UK.