TikTok is fast becoming a leading shopping platform in the UK and across the globe and sweet sellers like ourselves have seen a huge benefit from the new TIKTOK shop platform. 

As a TikTok user the transition to becoming a seller on TikTok shop was simple and with the ability to add all your products to their shop in a simple manner made setting up our shop simple and quick. Selling through tagging products in TikTok videos we had made, saw an quick response in sales and the addition of Going Live was a huge step up. 

Presenting your products Live to a streaming audience was great, an interaction that we hadn't had before, direct with customers. The chat and positive comment were great. For customers, the ability to purchased direct from you on a live stream was great and you never felt closer to your customers.

TikTok is a globe brand now so having access to users worldwide is great, making content of our products, going live and selling products via the TikTok platform is a real game changer. Customers buy in confidence that their are full controls in place and they can shop in safety, this work for sellers too.

The platform will continue to grow and TikTok do need to make sure they refine and develop processes and Strick controls to ensure continued safety and a fun shopping experience for both, sellers and buyer alike.

www.the-candy-king.com and our TikTok shop: the_candy_king_picknmix sell over 125 varieties of pick and mix sweets, corporate gifts, bespoke orders, retro sweet hampers, gift jars and monthly subscriptions. All produces in our 5* Food Standard premises in Cambridgeshire, Huntingdon UK