Over the years sweets have been presented in many ways to the us the consumer, whether your preference is a wrapped sweet, jelly, fizzy, sour or liquorice, the long standing question is... should we mix these in the same bag? Well, there is no right or wrong, but customers do have a strong preference to this individually. One of our most popular ranges in the Create your Own - Pick n Mix where all the sweets, regardless of flavour and type are mixed in one resealable pouch, on the other hand we have many customers purchasing "sweets by the Bag" as they wish to keep sweets from mixing. For me, I prefer my sweets by the bag but for many the pick n mix option is the only way to order sweets.

Our hampers and gift boxes are generally always presented with all sweets separated in presentation bags, maybe this appears visually as more of a gift idea and as such individually bags of sweets fit the bill better. Either way we all like sweets ad a treat, and as a gift, so which every you choose, you can be sure to enjoy a sweet treat.

Sweets by the bag, Pick n mix pouches or gift hampers, Which way do you prefer?